Monday, 2 November 2009

The beginning

We have been married now for 15 years, and it was in 2007 that I realised I wasn't satisfying Mandi my wife sexually as much as she wanted.

She never really expressed unhappiness, but I knew that she wanted more. Occasionally we would hit the heights and have a memorable time together but on others it would be a bit boring, or worse.

I started to struggle (just sometimes) to get get an erection and would try to make up for this in lots of other ways - which my wife enjoyed, but left me feeling a bit unfulfilled.

My wife is soon to reach forty, and is a lovely caring and wonderful person, and we have had children together and love each other dearly in every respect. I think she is incredibly sexy, with a lively and flirtatious personality - and she draws looks from men wherever she goes. She has a super figure, with large breasts, and whilst she doesn't dress provocatively she likes to wear classic style clothes that make the most of her figure and particularly her breasts and bum.

I know she loves getting male attention and flirting with other guys, and it doesn't make me jealous at all - in fact I have always loved to see her having guys eating out of the palm of her hand, and seeing them mentally undressing her with their eyes.

She has always known that I enjoy knowing my wife is lusted after by other men, and would occasionally wear a low cut blouse or skin tight jumper that she would use to show her figure to any admiring men - particularly on a night out or where she works.

After a couple of disappointing episodes in the bedroom in November 2007 I started to think that I was being selfish keeping her to myself, and denying her enjoying the type of sex that she wants on a more regular basis than I could give her. I discussed this with her one evening and she was quite shocked and dismissed it completely saying I was all that she wanted. I love the fact that in our 15 years of marriage she has been steadfast and never given me any reason to doubt the strength of our marriage or love for each other. She is gorgeous and I dont want her to go to waste, and look back in years to come with regrets.

A week later when we were having sex one night, and it was greats sex!, we talked dirty about her with other guys and she said she had been thinking about what I had said and that there was actually a guy she used to work with who she once fancied, and had wondered what it would be like to have sex with him. He no longer worked there as he moved away when his marriage broke up, but I was a little shocked that she had fancied him. Almost reading my mind, she was quick to say that nothing had ever happened with him other than a slow dance and a cuddle when they went out for his leaving party - I was at first re-assured but then left wondering what she felt during the slow dance.

I started to think about this more, and obviously so did Mandi, as we discussed it again a few nights later. She told me that this guy (lets call him Eddie) was in his late 20's and has an eye for the girls - always flirting with the women at Mandi's work, and making numerous tongue in cheek suggestive comments to Mandi which she had obviously enjoyed and played along with. Which also included him referring to her as 'top tits' a few times.

We spoke again about how maybe our sex life isn't consistently fantastic to keep her satisfied, and I asked her is she ever wanted to have sex with other guys. She said she would never cheat, and hated the thought of cheating - but i told her it was only cheating if she did it without agreement. She looked at me a bit dumbfounded and asked me "are you seriously saying you would be happy if I was fucking other guys?" I was a bit shocked as she doesnt swear very much, but I admitted to her that it was upsetting me to see her being deprived of the sex that I think she deserves and whilst I would love to keep her all to myself it feels selfish and unfair to deprive her, especially as she is such a sexual and warm tactile person.

She stared at me for what seemed like ages, and slowly a smile spread across her face - she leant forward annd kissed me tenderly, before hugging me and whispering in my ear "you'll never know just how much i really really do love you" - from that moment I knew she was wanting to do it.

We spoke for a couple of days about how we go about this, as Mandi didnt want to be just picking up a guy in local pubs and clubs and putting herself at risk by going back to their places on her own, she couldnt bring them home bacause of me and the children. She also didnt want to be tlling people that our sex life was just average with the occasional great night - so we had to think up a few ways of doing this.

Mandi suggested to me that she still had Eddie's e-mail address and we could e-mail him and arrange to go to Newcastle and meet him. She also suggested that she would tell him we were away for a few nights but that on one night I was out nearby with my work friends. She showed me the e-mail she would send him, saying how we were in the area for a few days and she was at a loose end one evening, and within a couple of hours he had text her on her mobile to say he couldnt wait to see her and how it would be good to catch up. They exchanged flirty text messages for a few days and they got quite saucy, with Mandi too shy to even show me a couple. I read them that evening when they showered and he was saying how he couldnt wait to get his hands on her tits again ("again?" I thought?)- it was obvious that slow dance was a very steamy slow dance. He also made comment that this time his hands might get past her stocking tops. I was reading these messages with a real mixture of emotions, and wasnt entirely sure if we were doing the right thing. But as we had agreed, we would try it once and if it wasn't what we wanted we would not do it again.

We made a booking at a hotel on the Osborne Rd in Newcastle, and within 30 minutes of Mandi texting Eddie he text her back confirming he had booked into the same hotel. He knew I had never met him, so would not think twice if I saw him there.

The plan was set and we had a wait of just over a week, duringwhich time we wondered what would happen and would it be a disaster or something good?